| Dock | Vessel | Time/Date | 
| M 'The Virgin Maid' every morning, right around nine. 
| N 'Vampire's Bane - Daylight Marauder' every forty eight hours, around high noon. (SWORD) 
| N 'Carli's Shrimp Boat' every day when the sun starts to set 
| S 'Hammarley' Day of the Moon, 6am (CHEST/SLEEVES) 
| S 'The Buzzing Hornet' Day of the Moon, 7am (AXE) 
| N 'Redd Iaage - Valguarnera's Judgment' Day of the Moon, 11am (MACE) 
| N 'Jade Kiss' Day of the Moon, 2pm. (POLEARM) 
| S 'Dancing Renna' Day of the Moon, 11pm 
| S 'Grurk's Rising' Day of the Bull, 7am 
| M 'Horizon's Seeker' Day of the Bull, 1pm. 
| S 'Grey Monk' Day of the Bull, 2pm 
| N 'Delving shark' Day of the Bull, early afternoon 
| H 'Yellow Abishai' Day of the Bull, 11pm (SHIELD/NECK for Conjurer) 
| S 'Bloody Heart' Day of Deception, 2am 
| M 'Crimson Fire' Day of Deception, 4am (Mace) 
| N 'The Thirsty Bear' Day of Deception, 4pm 
| S 'The Rapacious Reaver' Day of Deception, 6pm 
| H 'Onyx Dream' Day of Thunder, 1am, Month of Long Shadows 
| N 'Midya's Revenge' Day of Thunder, 2am (sapphire polearm) 
| N 'Aarn's Holy Aler' Day of Thunder, 6am. (EXOTIC) 
| N 'The Laughing Lord' Day of Thunder, 1pm (BELT/storm?) 
| S 'Dark Shemshamae' Day of Thunder, 11pm (only certain months) 
| N 'The Sapphire Wave' twice a month, third and fifth day of Freedom, 6am (ARIAL) 
| S 'The Aquavia Montage' Day of Freedom, 9am 
| M 'The Golden Pearl' Day of Freedom at 10pm, or early morning Great Gods 
| M 'Golden Whorl' Day of the Great Gods, 11am (WHIP) 
| S 'The Kraken's Caress' Day of the Great Gods, 2pm (WHIP) 
| H 'Muse's Throne' Day of the Great Gods, 8pm 
| N 'The Thieving Lily' Day of the Sun, 4am (FLAIL) 
| M 'Incardine Spray' Day of the Sun, 7am 
| S 'Bloody Sheshani' Day of the Sun, 11am 
| M 'The Sirine's Dirge' Day of the Sun, 4pm 
| S 'Coeur Rouge' Day of the Great gods/Sun, 8pm/4pm